Rainbow of Promises

As I submerge myself into the crystal water and step deeper into the sea

The salt washes over my soul, cleansing the pain and misery left behind

My hair clings to my back and the cool fresh waves splash upon my sun drenched skin

I decide to dive into the unknown and feel the power of the waters releasing me of my worries

I’m safe swimming between the flags and feel comfort seeing others in the water nearby

Within the blink of an eye it seems like I’ve endured every season

Sprinkles of rain begin to drop from heaven and I see storm clouds lifting in the mountains afar

Water glistens on the rocks and the reflections of the sun are almost too much to bare

I see the rolling clouds forming in the distance and in that moment I realise that everything has a season

There will be a time for sowing and for reaping, a time for joy and for mourning

It’s time to return to the shore, draw a line in the sand, look to the sky above

I see a rainbow of promises on the horizon and will not look back at the past




Donna King