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Music arranged to suite your special day and your budget. Bring your function or event to life with your favourite tunes.

  • Weddings

  • Baptisms

  • Funerals

  • Birthday parties

  • Book launches

  • High Teas

  • Soirees

  • Dinner parties

Let your guests unwind with a unique musical arrangement created and designed to blend with your setting. Collaborating with artists to provide you with a memorable experience that will last a lifetime.

twilight experiences

Where life, love and longing intertwine. Indulge in the sublime beauty of art, drama and music at various unique locations throughout Melbourne, Geelong and the Victorian countryside.

For over twenty years we have been curating intimate music performances with a focus on blurring the lines between artist and audience. It is at these special events where you can indulge and share uniquely memorable experiences with your friends, family and total strangers.

We will open the evening with a short welcome and introduction to our intimate space. Once settled, up-and-coming performers - carefully selected by the team at Twilight Experiences - will take you on a tantalising artistic journey. Here you can relish in the unique flair and talents of both emerging and established Australian and international performers.

Twilight Experiences offers the chance to surround yourself with artists, like-minded travellers and curious souls of all ages. At the close of each event, we welcome you to spend time with our performers, providing a unique opportunity to ask any burning questions you have about their craft.

We also encourage guests to unwind in our gorgeous space and link in with our secret soiree society. For those with a love for music and artistic expression, Twilight Experiences is an atmospheric journey to the soul for people of all ages. We invite you to immerse yourself in our year-round events based in the western suburbs of Melbourne.

singing lessons

Singing provides endless benefits to the mind, body and soul. Students of all ages can learn the art of singing and develop life-long skills that can transfer to many areas of life.

Enhance your confidence and fulfil your dreams to perform confidently. Lessons are tailored to your specific learning goals and with Beauty For Ashes you will enjoy a firm foundation of singing with Donna King.

Teaching students of all ages and levels